We want to know: What careers are we missing?

So far, we've featured interviews with over 60 English majors here on DearEnglishMajor.com. In terms of careers, job titles and responsibilities, that has covered a lot of ground!

Below, you'll find a list of the job titles we've featured on our site. However, we know there's still a lot out there.

We want to know: What careers are we missing?

If you have an English or writing-related degree and are working in a position that is a direct result of your degree (a position that includes responsibilities such as writing, editing, publishing, teaching, marketing, etc.) and your job is NOT on this list, we want to hear about it!

  1. Public Relations Coordinator
  2. High School English Teacher
  3. Middle School English Teacher
  4. Digital Media Manager
  5. Communications Manager
  6. Content Manager / Content Specialist
  7. Web Communications Manager
  8. Freelance Writer
  9. Freelance Editor
  10. Administrative Coordinator
  11. Contributing Writer
  12. External Relations Manager
  13. Social Media Manager/Specialist
  14. Development Editor
  15. Director of Content Marketing
  16. Director of Development
  17. Copywriter
  18. Comic Book Editor
  19. Creative Director
  20. Direct Response Marketing Coordinator
  21. Immersive Journalist
  22. Manager of Game Narrative Design
  23. Novelist / Author
  24. Publisher
  25. Screenwriter
  26. Director of Marketing & Communications
  27. Publishing Consultant
  28. Grant Writer
  29. Newspaper Editor
  30. Technical Editor
  31. Magazine Editor
  32. Marketing Coordinator
  33. Internal Communications Specialist
  34. E-mail Marketing Copywriter
  35. Marketing Copywriter
  36. Public Library Professional
  37. Library Associate
  38. Non-Profit Communications Coordinator
  39. Proposal Writer
  40. Blogger
  41. Writing Coach

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