Calling all English teachers and professors! We want your input.

While many English majors may be tired of hearing the age-old "So, are you going to be an English teacher?" question, many have the privilege to answer "Yes! Yes, I am going to be an English teacher."

Of course, having an English degree does not automatically qualify anyone to become an English teacher (but we're preaching to the choir here, aren't we?). Dear English Major would love to provide some insight to those who are interested in becoming English teachers, English professors, and educators from those who know best. 

We will be sharing a compilation of your experiences, advice and insight in an upcoming blog post on If you wish you share more about your experience of becoming an English teacher, please submit a separate inquiry on our CONTRIBUTE page. Thank you for encouraging and helping to inform aspiring teachers!

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Posted on February 19, 2015 and filed under Articles, Teaching.