19 Beautiful Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers

Have you ever searched for the hashtags #bookstagram, #booklover, or #bookworm? If you have, then you know that Instagram is absolutely brimming with Instagram users who not only LOVE books, but love to take gorgeous photos of their books. We wanted to share a few of our favorites (and we really mean just "a few"... there are SO MANY awesome accounts!) with some of our fellow Dear English Major book nerds! 

Here are 19 of our favorite book Instagram accounts. Enjoy! 

1. @eden.hammond

Bold colors and clever designs fill @eden.hammond's Instagram account! "Bookshelfies," flowers, outdoor scenes, and light accents are all in the mix. 

2. @biblionatic

@biblionatic's Instagram account is basically dessert for your eyeballs. Find bright colors, plenty of pastels, vibrant flowers, and of course, lots and lots of books. 

3. @bookish_black_hole

It's hard to stop scrolling through this eye-catching Instagram account! @bookish_black_hole has a knack for capturing images with stark contrast.

4. @therusticwindow

Rich hardwoods, dried flowers, and rustic details accent pictures filled with books, books, books! 

5. @headinherbooks

Find magazine-worthy spreads and creative, color-coordinated arrangements on @headinherbooks' Instagram.

6. @thedarkestpartsofsnow

Rich, dark colors and fantasy-inspired imagery fill @thedarkestpartofsnow's Instagram page. 

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7. @xenatine

Beautiful book art and intricate book arrangements are @xenatine's specialty! 

8. @wildlinggirl

Find gorgeous photos filled with antique books, dried flowers, faded pages, and other vintage details on @wildlinggirl's Instagram account.

9. @seelieknight

@seelieknight shows beauty in simplicity, and her Instagram focuses on appreciating the little thingsβ€”and of course, books. 

10. @seeking.neverland

A feast for the senses awaits on the @seeking.neverland Instagram page! Expect to find photos filled with colorful, eye-catching arrangements of books, pens, notebooks, bookmarks, and more. 

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11. @the.literary.omnivore

Bright colors and color-coordinated arrangements are @the.literary.onmivore's specialty! 

12. @theliteraryllama

Many of @theliteraryllama's photos feature cute chalkboard drawings in the background, and we love all of the creativity that goes into each shot. 

13. @thebookishambivert

There is something very unique about this page... and you have to actually visit the page to appreciate it. Here's a preview of what to expect: 

14. @thelittlestbookelf

With @thelittlestbookelf's Instagram page, you get the feeling that you just stepped into an incredibly well-curated antique store. Filled with vintage touches and tea party-inspired accents, these photos are sure to inspire some candlelit reading sessions! 

15. @bokhjerte

Blues, purples, and pinks are aplenty on @bokhjerte's Instagram account. Crisp, bold images and beautiful scenes complement the many, many books owned by this Instagram user. 

A photo posted by marlene (@bokhjerte) on

A photo posted by marlene (@bokhjerte) on

16. @theartfulelle

If you love books and coffee, then this Instagram account will make your heart sing! Find book cover design-inspired coffee art alongside gorgeous photos of books. 

A photo posted by Elle ✨ (@theartfulelle) on

17. @booksugar

It was REALLY hard to only choose two photos from this Instagram account to share. Clever (and often color-coordinated) book arrangements and bright white backgrounds inject some eye-catching fun and color into your Instagram feed! 

A photo posted by Maria (@booksugar) on

A photo posted by Maria (@booksugar) on

18. @darkfaerietales_

This Instagram account is like one amazing, dreamy, never-ending book party of confetti, glitter, and color-coordinated arrangements!

19. @aenteereads

@aenteereads's Instagram account makes us feel like we've stepped into a magical garden filled with books! Fairy lights, bright blossoms, and beautiful books are all expertly arranged in each photo. 

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Posted on August 2, 2016 and filed under Articles, Featured Articles.