eNotes: An English Major’s Haven

eNotes.com was born purely from a passion for Shakespeare and classic literature. 

“We wanted to help students understand Shakespeare’s works better, because it was something we loved ourselves,” said co-founder Alex Bloomingdale.

More than a decade ago, Alex and Brad Satoris, eNotes’ other co-founder, secured AllShakespeare.com to bring academic content and deeper analyses of the Bard’s writings to the Web. Eventually they branched out to AllHemingway.com and AllPoe.com, and finally eNotes.com in 2005 to combine them. “A single place for students and readers to study classic and obscure works, their etexts, summaries, and analyses... that was the ultimate goal,” said Brad. 

The demands of the passion-project-turned-business grew and, realizing they needed more hands on deck, they turned to those that knew the content best: English majors. Employing hundreds of remote and in-house writers, editors, and all-around book nerds, eNotes grew its content and product offerings and is now one of the most visited sites on the Web (ranked within the top 500 on Quantcast).

eNotes is unique place where English majors are the backbone of daily operations; from writing new literature study guides or lesson plans, directly answering students’ academic questions, or starting their career as an intern, English majors have directly helped millions of students and teachers, all while promoting reading and learning. Allie, in-house assistant editor at eNotes, says, "I majored in English because I wanted to work with the stories I love—and I figured I might as well enjoy it while I could, since the chances of parlaying my love of Homer into a career didn’t seem very likely. But it turns out the twenty-first century and the Internet haven’t killed the book at all; sites like eNotes are letting people like me make loving lit a career."

While working full-time or interning at our Seattle office isn’t always feasible due to geography or timing, English majors can work whenever and wherever as an eNotes Educator.

eNotes Educator and Academic Writer Program

The eNotes Educator Program is constantly seeking qualified college graduates, teachers, and academic writers to answer student questions and write evergreen content for the site. It’s a great way for subject experts to share knowledge, get published, and earn a supplemental income on their own, flexible schedule. 

Hundreds of new questions are asked each day on To Kill a Mockingbird, Hamlet, Beowulf, and other great works, and Educators are paid per question.

Interested in applying for this opportunity? Please visit the application page and follow the instructions, and send any questions to the editorial team at editorial@enotes.com.

eNotes helps millions of students and teachers every day by providing online education resources and classroom materials. Meet the staff and featured Educators.


  • “It continues to be my pleasure to work with eNotes subscribers: I love providing help to our user community, and so enjoy the opportunity to learn something new every day!” — Jill, eNotes Educator since 2003
  • “Working for eNotes is such a pleasure, letting me help thousands of students and keep on learning myself.”— Lorraine, eNotes Educator since 2008
  • “After 6 years of working for eNotes, I continue to find it intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding.”— David, eNotes Educator since 2009
  • “eNotes has given me chances to stretch as I worked on new projects.”— Greg, eNotes Educator since 2007

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Posted on January 22, 2016 and filed under Articles, Teaching.