GIVEAWAY: Win Novelteas 'The Picture of Earl Grey' Tea Tin (+ Tea, Bookmark, & More!)

We are SO EXCITED to be partnering with Novelteas for this wonderful giveaway! Noveltea Tins resemble classic books with original MoTeaf artwork and uniquely blended teas inside, flavored to each books' story and theme.

One lucky winner of our giveaway will win the five items listed below:

  1. Novelteas 'The Picture of Earl Grey' Tea Tin
  2. Wilde's Rosy Tea Blend - 3 oz. 
  3. Bookmark
  4. Tea strainer
  5. Don QuixoTea fridge magnet

Entering is easy:

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries must be received by Sunday, June 19, 2016 at midnight PST.
  • One winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, June 19, 2016 at midnight PST.
  • If we do not hear back from the winner by Sunday, June 26, 2016 at midnight PST, another winner will be chosen at random.
  • One winner will receive one Novelteas 'The Picture of Earl Grey' Tea Tin, Wilde's Rosy Tea Blend, Bookmark, Tea strainer, and Don QuixoTea fridge magnet
  • All entrants agree that by entering the contest, they are giving permission to have their email address added to the Dear English Major mailing list.


A Note from Novelteas:

We are three book and tea lovers in Berkeley, California who discovered a real thirst for quality tea tins. Thanks to a Kickstarter last year we have brought to life three bookish tea tins so far:

  1. Don QuixoTea - Man of La ManChai

  2. Oscar Wilde's - The Picture of Earl Grey

  3. War and Peach by L.N. Tolstoy

We pour as much effort into each tin as an author into a book.

Award-winning independent artists and tea blending experts collaborate to design and pair NovelTeas titles to the perfect tea flavors. For example, Our Don QuixoTea tin cover shows the Man of La ManChai pouring his companion a steaming cup of chai. Between the covers—our Don abides—an adventurously spiced and exceedingly idealistic blend of rich cardamon, red cinnamon, black tea and the root of ginger.

Our Oscar Wilde inspired tea tin, 'The Picture of Earl Grey' is a tribute to 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' and features a blend of rose leaves and bergamot. The artwork shows Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, who Earl Grey tea is said to be named after. The tin is decorated in a vintage victorian style inspired by book covers of the era.

Our next Kickstarter is coming soon and will feature teas inspired by British treasures. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when 'Pride and Peppermint, 'Oliver Lemon Twist' and 'Matcha Do About Nothing' are ready.

Noveltea Tins are available in select stores across the US and Canada. We also ship worldwide through our online store.

-Johnny, Mitch & Jorgen

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