What could your school’s English department do to improve students’ post-grad prospects? [SURVEY]

It seems like every time we open the newspaper (haha just kidding, who does that anymore…?), there’s some new article about “the decline of the English major” or “whether or not the humanities are disappearing.” Sigh. Of course, WE see the incredible value in the humanities, but at some schools, English departments are indeed shrinking.

Why is this? Are students afraid they won’t find a job with an English degree? Do English departments prepare their students for the job market?

We love English programs. We do not want to see them disappear. But they may have to make some changes in order to stay relevant and offer students what they need to survive in the job market.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey telling us what YOU think could be done to keep English departments going strong. Your answers may be included in an upcoming article on Dear English Major. On behalf of thousands of English majors—thank you very much!

The future of the English degree depends on you. (Not really... but maybe?)

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Posted on June 4, 2016 .