What has been the HARDEST part of being an English major? [SURVEY]

Like anyone going through school, having a network of people who can lend their support as you experience the ups and downs of it all is invaluable. Every major has its own set of unique challenges, and English majors are no different. However, as I'm sure you're already aware, English majors seem to have a unique set of hurdles to overcome—sometimes, it can feel like we're constantly being told that we're majoring in something useless, we won't find a job when we graduate, we'll never make "good money," etc. 

Over the past few years, one of the best things about Dear English Major has been reading about the many experiences and perspectives of English majors, from their deepest struggles to their hard-earned triumphs. Whether it's an experience that we can learn from or just commiserate with, it's always rewarding to see others connect in a meaningful way. 

That's why we want to gather and share some more stories, this time focusing on what the HARDEST part of being an English major has been for you. We want to feature some serious "real talk" so others can know they're not alone in their English major-y struggles, whatever they may be. 

Your contribution may or may not be included in our upcoming article. Thank you! 

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Posted on February 20, 2018 and filed under Articles, Featured Articles.